Got Antler? Every Dogs #1 Choice For All Natural Treats And Chews!

Got Antler? Is Your Best Choice For Premium Quality Naturally Shed Moose, Elk and Deer Antler Dog Chews throughout the United States. We are an East Coast company, based out of New Jersey. We sell our antlers online and have expanded to small pet boutiques and other quality stores. We offer sizes from Extra small to 3XL, and we can custom cut any antler size for your dog's chewing needs. Our Antlers, originating from top-grade, naturally-shed, are gathered by personally selected shed hunters and then shipped directly to Got Antler? They are then cleaned organically, crafted into nature's perfect, eco-friendly, premium dog chew and sanded for chewing safety. Our Moose antlers come from Maine and Alaska. Our Elk comes from Colorado and Montana. No animals are harmed in procuring our products.

When brought to the market place, antlers are graded 1 through 4. Number 1's
are the freshest and number 4's are the antlers that have spent years on the
ground losing most of their nutritional value. Got Antler? products are
made exclusively from number 1's and 2's. This quality means more nutritional
value and no splintering. We give our customers more bone for the buck!

We ship throughout the United States and Abroad. Please contact us for any questions or comments at

Treat your dog to the best, that's better than all the rest.

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Got Antler?  Every Dogs #1 Choice For All Natural Treats and Chews!

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