About Us

My name is Deb, I have had my own pet sitting business for 17 years and prior to that was a veterinary technician for 5 years. I have always had a passion for animals, especially rescuing ones in need.

I started Got Antler?  after selling pet products to my customers for many years. I saw a trend with Moose and Elk and Deer antlers in the big box pet stores.

I was not happy with their prices or quality of product.  I did lots of research and found that I could offer a better product by getting Premium Quality Naturally Shed Moose and Elk and Deer Antlers and machine cutting them myself, and Got Antler was born! We have expanded now to include many all natural dog chews as well as a wheat free and grain free cookie line.  Also we just launched our Got Dog Chews Treat Truck that will serve all of New Jersey and soon expanding throughout the Northeast states.

Fiona and I in the Got Dog Chews Treat Truck